Morning Motivation: “It is Well With My Soul”

The book of Job was the topic of discussion in church yesterday.  I knew about Job and his suffering and his faith in God, but I must admit I was not aware of the extent of his misery.  I did not realize he lost all of his possessions and his children in one day.  I did not recall his physical suffering and the betrayal of his friends and his wife.  How can one man endure all of that suffering?  His strong faith in God was what got him through all of the many traumas in his life.

The pastor went on to share the backstory of the song “It is Well With My Soul.”  The man that wrote this song had endured heart-wrenching tragedy.

“It is Well With My Soul”

As I was thinking about this song, I could not help but think of a tragedy that occurred just this week in a nearby neighborhood.  A young woman committed suicide.  I can’t imagine the emotional pain this young woman was in, only God can and does understand, and I believe loves her.  I too can’t imagine the pain of the family that was left behind.  I pray that they turn to God for comfort and guidance because he is the true healer.

We all go through pain and heartaches.  I pray God, that no matter what happens, that through the traumas and the joys of this life we hold tightly to you. I pray that whatever crisis surrounds us, and I know it can be a process and may not occur right away, that we can sing “It is well with my soul.”

You will live secure and full of hope; God will protect you and give you rest. 

Job 11:18

Please pray for the family that lost their daughter.  

God Bless you!