Morning Motivation “In My Weakness He Made Me Strong”

Once upon a time, what seems like a lifetime ago, I was a pastors wife.  I was very active in my church.  My husband was the pastor, supposedly my pastor, and I was involved heavily in the music and drama ministries.  My passion at that time was the music.  I was a member of the praise team and loved to spend hours working on keyboards and vocals for the Sunday service.

There was a song that I liked called “Bring it On” by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I loved the electric guitar, bass, drums, and the strings.  I would not say I was crazy about the lyrics.  Why?  Because the request to bring on difficulties in my life scared me, I wanted a peaceful life.   As I would sing along with this song, I would say to God, “I don’t mean it God, don’t bring it on.”  I wanted protection from pain, hardship, and trauma in my life. I would never ask for pain, even though I had faith that God would be with me I did not want a struggle to enter my life.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Bring It On

“I didn’t come lookin’ for trouble
And I don’t want to fight needlessly
But I’m not gonna hide in a bubble
If trouble comes for me
I can feel my heart beating faster
I can tell something’s coming down
But if it’s gonna make me grow stronger thenâ?¦
Bring it on
Let the lightning flash, let the thunder roll, let the storm winds blow
Bring it on
Let the trouble come, let the hard rain fall, let it make me strong
Bring it on”
Well, even though I did not ask for it, the trouble did come.  I tried to hide, but my attempt was in vain.  My husband left me, and I was left behind in the painful aftermath of his decision.
Having lived through this trauma of betrayal, I can now relate to Steven’s words.  I have learned through the pain not to hide but to rely on God.  Even though my world had shifted and I found myself in profound despair this was the time that I grew closer to God then I have ever been.  I am still healing, it is a work in progress, but I have no doubt that God is with me.
So am I asking God to give me more pain?  No, absolutely not, but I now know whatever comes my way that God will take my fear and weakness and make me stronger in spite of them.
Thank you, God

“You know, whenever I was at my lowest, that’s where my relationship with Christ grew.”

Nick Foles

Philadelphia Eagles

I do not know what your challenges are today.  Whatever they may be, please turn to God.  
He will encourage and strengthen you.  
God Bless!

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Hi, I am a mom, nana, and writer living in the beautiful state of NC. I was married for 37 years and then blindsided by my husband, a former pastor. After decades he filed for legal separation without a word to me. It has been a rough road coming to terms with this new life that has been chosen for me. My blog is a place where I share "The Beginning," this place I found myself, a place I did not want to be. "The Journey," the things we need to do as we traverse this new road. Lastly "The Joy," and yes there is still joy to be found even after great pain. I have finished my first book "My Story My Divorce God's Promise, The Beginning." I am in the process of writing The Journey and The Joy. Please join me on my adventure to a new life. Always remember God's Promise "I will never leave you or forsake you."

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