Morning Motivation: I Will Sing in the Morning

“I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; 
for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.”
Psalms 59:16
New International Version
Oh, how I loved to sing.  I remember as a little girl my parents, and I were at the home of family friends.  I was standing on a bed with a pretend microphone singing.  I even remember the song,
 Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter by the Herman’s Hermits. I was singing away enjoying the moment.  Little did I know my voice was streaming through the entire house through an audio system they had just installed in the home.  I was mortified, but in my embarrassment I heard my dad say “Kathy loves to sing.”
I do love to sing, and I was able to express that love in the church.  I used to sing duets with my friend Dottie in a small Methodist Church in Goldsboro Maryland when we were in elementary school.  I later married a man who became a pastor, (who when on to leave me 37 years later in a horrible divorce), and in the church, I was able to continue to sing.  Being involved in church music became my passion, I loved praising God in this fashion.
I don’t believe that singing to God has to be in the literal form of singing as we know it.  I believe we sing to God through our trust and faith in Him.  I believe we sing to God as we read His word, as we pray and as we show his love to others.  I believe there are many forms of singing
and for that I am thankful.
“Thank you, God, for our ability to “sing” in whatever form it may be expressed.
Help us to sing of your strength and love not only in the morning but all day long.  
Help us to sing in the good and the not so good in our lives.  
Thank you for being our fortress and refuge.”