Morning Motivation from the Book of Esther

I just listened to a sermon from the Summit Church in Durham NC.  The focus of the talk was Esther from the Old Testament. She was placed in a situation, not of her choosing.  But it was the choices she made in this “time” that made all the difference.  Her impact was far-reaching, saving the lives of many and also bringing justice to some. She decided that she would step out on faith, even though she was afraid, and make a difference.

God can take our situations and use them for good.  God can use “such a time as this” whatever the circumstance in our lives may be and use it to help others if we are only faithful to this calling.

“Dear God, you know I did not want a family divided and all the pain and chaos that goes along with that division.  But I am in this situation now, and I pray that I use “such a time as this” to help others and for your glory.  Please direct my path.  Thank you, God!” KathieyV

I don’t know your situation, but I pray that God leads you in this time to be faithful, and use whatever the circumstance to bring glory to Him and to others.  God Bless