Monthly Motivation-“The Christmas Wreath” in loving memory of my Brother Bruce

I love Christmas.  What a fun and beautiful time of year. Sometimes I wonder about the origins of our many holiday traditions.  Just what does the wreath we hang every year symbolize? I consulted Google came up with this quote……

“The circle of a Christmas wreath is a never-ending ring, a reminder of the 
everlasting love from God”

That sounds lovely to me:-) With that in mind, my brother Bruce and I set off to see if we could find a Christmas Wreath or two….   Here are a few pictures of our adventures from a couple of weeks ago.
The first stop was Bruce’s favorite restaurant….”Bob Evans” in Dover DE

Fueled up and ready to go….. 
I had searched online for area Christmas events and came across a happening in Odessa DE.
It was their annual Christmas open house.  Folks were invited to come into town to enjoy their decorations, food, and fun.  Some of the historic homes were open as well.
I had never been to Odessa, and I said jokingly to Bruce….” Bruce, I have never been to Odessa before we could get lost.  Should we still go?”  With a smile on his face, he replied “absolutely” So off we went into unknown territory:-)


Bruce found a wreath! 
……and another……





Kinda looks like a wreath:-) 



Bruce and I heard music in the distance. With the camera’s in hand we
jogged several blocks only to find the “Fife and Drum Corp Band”
(Bruce looks dashing there in the foreground:-)


Bruce and I had another great adventure together.  He is a very bright light in my life, a blessing.
We were able to find many Christmas wreaths, and they were all wonderful.
Whenever I see a wreath at Christmas, I will thank God for his endless circle of love for us.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

I love you and I miss you, my dear brother!