Monthly Motivation-Listen for the Whisper of God

 In my lifetime, I have learned that two things are consistent.  The first is that change is a part of life, and change will occur. Sometimes change is easy, and we welcome it, even pray for it. Sometimes change is challenging, and we wonder how we can escape the pain of it. The second and most crucial constant is God. He is here and loves us. He walks beside us and with us. He knows the extent of our pain and our joy.

An extraordinary person in my life quoted something for me the other day, and I don’t remember ever having heard the quote before. 

“Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



In sorrow and joy, Lord, help us hear your whisper.

In the excitement of life and in life’s confusion, Lord, help us hear your whisper.

In youth and old age, Lord, help us hear your whisper.

In laughter and tears, Lord, help us hear your whisper.

In health and sickness, Lord, help us hear your whisper.

In all the many scenarios that life can throw our way, both the good and the bad, Lord, please help us hear your whisper.

and Lord, just as important, help us trust your reply.


What do you need to hear from God today?

Tell God what you hope for and what you need. 

I believe he hears our prayer, and in his whisper, God replies.

Not always with the answer we want, but with the response we need.