Let’s Take a Break From Divorce and do a Little Weekend Reading and Watching with Links.

This is from my lifestyle blog    Kathiey’s World

7 Efficient Ways to Organize Your Bathroom if You are a Beauty Enthusiast
After reading this article I have decided to look for containers for things such as Q-Tips, dental floss, and makeup.
9 Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom
There are many helpful tips in this link.  The one I am going to put to use is “Give Your Jewelry a Home”.
10 Things to be more Organized on a Daily Basis
One thing I need to make more of an effort of is setting my clothes out for the next day.  Which would also incorporate planning for the next day.  All good things!

10 Home Office Hacks to Get You Organized Now
I need to do everything on this list and just the thought gives me a headache.  That being said there is no time like the present to jump in.
Ellen Gets Organized
This Video will make you laugh, I did.
Guest Room Organization Ideas
Great ideas for the guest room!

Expert Tips on How to Declutter
Check out a few ways to declutter from GMA
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Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!