Just For Fun…The Joy. I Went Out Searching for a Man…A Snowman

I don’t know exactly how much snow came down in our area of NC yesterday,  I have heard anywhere from 4″-12″.  I think we probably had around 8 inches here in Cary.  The snow on the ground today is the most snow accumulation I have seen in a very long time here in the south, and it is beautiful.
I decided to head out for a walk and search for a man…a snowman.  Please join me on my search…

I found a few snowmen in the neighborhood….
A lovely snow couple.
This one made me smile.
“Sometimes I think my snowman is giving me the cold shoulder 
but I can turn things around and melt his heart with a warm smile”
If you were lucky enough to have snow in your area be sure and take some photos.
I would love to see them.
Have a great day!
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