Joy In The Journey-Finding Joy in Flowers

 I have been posting on most Saturdays a post called Divorce Diversion.  I have been posting what is happening on my lifestyle blog in this series.  I have decided to switch it up.  My new focus will be “Finding Joy In The Journey.” If you want to keep up with my lifestyle blog and YouTube channel, sign up for my newsletter, which will have all the posts from my blogs plus things like journal prompts, photos, and tidbits on my upcoming book.  You can sign up here…Newsletter Sign Up.

The death of my parents and my brothers have been painful events in my life.  Little did I know that I would experience something even more painful, the breakup of my marriage.  Why was it more painful than death?  It was more painful because it was done intentionally.  In my first book, I describe it as, “like a death but with intent.”  

I remember the early days of my separation. I could feel and see nothing but despair.  Even in this devastating time when I nearly gave up, I kept holding onto God, and in the back of my mind, well-hidden, the desire to see beauty and find joy in this world remained.

In this series, we will look for and find the joy that is all around us, even when we experience pain.  Let’s get started…

Finding Joy in the Journey

I love flowers.  I love the colors, the intricate detail of each petal, and the aroma.  I love to go to gardens and take close-up photos of flowers.  Here are a couple of my photos.  Yes, I did play with them on a photo app, but that added to my joy.

My suggestion for both you and me is to take some time to appreciate and find joy in the flowers.  You could go to a local garden or garden center.  You could go to a florist or grocery store and pick up a bouquet.  If you are home-bound, you could go online and look at some beautiful flowers or order some flowers online.  You could gift a flower arrangement to a friend, family member, or anyone who needs a bit of joy.

Today, I will head out to find a bouquet of flowers for my home.  First, I will do my Saturday cleaning, and then I will go out to find the perfect flowers to add beauty and joy to my home.

I pray you find joy in your journey!