Journal Prompt-Write About a Place Where You Feel Safe

I have not always felt safe. For me, safety came in the form of places, people, situations, and circumstances. My childhood home was, for the most part, physically safe but not an emotional safe haven. My married life was much of the same. 

When my husband left me, I found myself alone in a big house backed up to a wooded forest. The location was dark and isolated, and no, I did not feel safe. It did not help that I came home from work one evening to the alarm sounding and a window broken and the back door ajar. I called the police and would later stand back as they entered my home with their guns at the ready, shouting “CLEAR” as they entered each room. There was not much sleep to be had that night as I lay in bed with a boarded up window and the concern that the criminals may return. My dog and I were both a bit traumatized by this occurrence. 

Since that time I have moved. I now live in a townhome in a large community. I have many neighbors, and we informally look out for one another. I love that there are trails and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood and that there is usually someone around; this all adds to my feeling of safety. I walk my dog at all hours, be it in the daylight or dark; I could not do that where I used to live. I know you have to be cautious wherever you find yourself in life. I understand that some areas are safer than others, but you still must be aware of your surroundings. My townhome has become my home, and yes, I do feel safe here, and I am incredibly thankful for that.