Journal Prompt-Write About A Dream You Remember and How That Dream Made You Feel

 I have lived long enough to have had thousands of dreams.  I have had my share of nightmares and also my share of fun and memorable dreams.  I can remember themes in my dreams that recur, such as being in a play with hundreds of people in attendance, and I forget my lines, and I can’t find my script.  I sometimes dream that I need to shower, and I search desperately for shampoo and soap, and someone always takes it before I can get to it. 

My mom had a recurring dream that she would speak of often.  This dream was based on a house she would pass on her travels.  I remember my mom showing me this house.  It was a white home on a hill.  Mom said, in the dream, she would enter the front door of this house.  As she entered the house, she was welcomed with joy and hugs from many people.  About midway through her dream, she realizes that everyone in the house had died some time ago.  Mom said this dream gave her comfort that she would be greeted on the other side of this life.

I had two dreams as a child that have stuck with me.  One was of a faith focus.  Where I walk down the stairs in the middle of the night, I open the front door, and on the yard is the full nativity scene.  I was welcomed into this event, and it was amazing.

The one dream that was so real that when I woke up, I wondered if it happened. It was a dream about my brother Bruce who had Down’s Syndrome.  I was probably in second grade when I had this dream.  

Growing up, I was aware of the stares and comments directed toward Bruce.  These comments would upset me.  In the dream, I remember clearly that Bruce came up to me, and he was changed.  He looked the same, but he was different.  

Bruce gave me a sweet, confident hug.  I remember he smelled like baby powder. Then Bruce spoke.  He no longer talked in a way that was difficult to understand his speech was now clear and articulate.

Bruce said God had taken him to heaven, and now he was “perfect,” that is the word he used.  I cried with such joy as I held him.

This dream warms my heart to this day.  I am sure that Bruce is “perfect” now that he is heaven, and I will look forward to seeing him someday.