Journal Prompt-What Was Your Career Goal When You Were A Child and How Was Your Reality Different?

My career goal as a child was pure, idealistic, and full of hope. I recall so clearly my desire to be a Catholic Sister. I would daydream about following God and serving others through the sisterhood. The problem was that I was not Catholic.

Where did this desire to be a Catholic Sister develop? Thinking back, I believe it came from several different places. My brother Bruce had Down’s Syndrome. Bruce was a Student at the Benedictine School in Maryland, and that is where I first encountered the Sisters. They seemed to be so lovely and caring, and I admired that. 

There was a movie that made an impact on my thinking in my younger years. The movie title was The Song Of Bernadette. In this movie, a young girl saw the Virgin Mary when no one else could see her, and the young girl followed Mary’s commands. The girl’s faith was put to the test as she followed her truth in the face of ridicule. Powerful movie; I need to watch it again now that I am an adult and see what impact it would have on my adult self. 

I recall from a very young age having a strong calling to follow God. I am not sure how this calling came about. It may have been the prayers of my Grandmother or through the loving care of my mother. I don’t know, but I do know there has always been a strong pull toward faith in my life. 

How has my reality been different from my original career goal? I did not become a Catholic Sister, although I highly regard them. I did, however, marry a man with the stated desire to be a pastor. I did spend much of my time involved in the church in music and ministry. I also became a nurse. 
I was able to accomplish some traits of my childhood career goal through my nursing career and my work in the church.

My pastor husband abandoned me, and I am in seclusion due to the Covid 19 virus, but I still do my best to encourage and help my family and others. I try to keep my desire to serve God alive. I think that we can serve God wherever we find ourselves, and with that in mind, I believe many of my childhood goals for a career in my life were met.