Journal Prompt-What Is the Scariest Thing You Have Ever Done?

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?
When I think back to one of the scariest things I have ever done, one event comes immediately to mind.  What is that you ask?  Parasailing in the Caribbean.  

I remember signing up for the parasailing ride.  You could have so much time for a specific amount of money, or you could go further if you pay for more time.  Never having parasailed before I opted for the extended trip.

This all happened decades ago and I can remember my husband at the time being terrified at the thought of this activity because he was afraid of heights.  I, on the other, hand was raring to go.
I remember standing on the platform where I was to suit up for the event.  The guides were all speaking in their native tongue and I had no clue what they were saying.  They were placing me in a harness as I waited desperately for some type of instruction.  I finally said “what do I do?” and the next sentence out of one guide’s mouth was “hold on lady!”  The moment my guide spoke those words I was pulled roughly off the platform without warning.  I flew through the air for a split second, and then almost immediately I hit the water and went under not having taken a preparatory breath.  It all happened so fast and before I could process what was happening I came sputtering out of the water and found myself flying higher and higher into the air.

Ok, I survived my initiation into the world of parasailing.  The problem and the reason the ride was the scariest thing I have ever done was because of my only instruction by my guide. I am pretty good at following directions and when he said “hold on,” I did so with my hands in a very high uncomfortable position on the ropes in which I was holding on with all my might.

As the ride progressed I maintained my firm grip.  There was a strong wind that day, and as I was flying high in the sky, there would be a shift in the wind, and then I would suddenly dip toward the ocean.  It was a bit like wind shear.  When I was up high for any length of time I would look at the far off ocean below me and wonder if I would survive the fall.  I knew from the intensity of the demand that I “hold on” that if I let go I would plunge to the water below.

I remember talking to God.  I told him I may need to let go and that I put my future in his hands.  As my arms grew weaker and weaker I decided I had no choice but to let go.  I knew God had me in his hands regardless of the results of my weakness, and I found great comfort in that.

I took a deep breath and slowly let go.  As I awaited my fate I soon realized I could let go, and the harness would hold me.  I then realized I could relax and enjoy what was left of my flight.  It was a good thing that I paid for the longer experience because I held on uncomfortably to the rope the majority of the ride.  I totally enjoyed the last minutes of the trip.

 The most significant part of the story is that in my fear I put my trust in God and I rested in his care.