Journal Prompt-What Does My Soul Need Right Now?

What Does My Soul Need Right Now

My soul was broken the day my husband left me in 2013.  My soul has healed somewhat over the years. I find I can live in denial, thus avoiding the pain or at least suppressing it.  Then suddenly, another hurt comes, and the pain resurfaces.  I find myself where I was back in 2013.  I return to the crying the physical shaking and the feelings of hopelessness; they all return as one hurt builds upon the other.  I just want to escape to run away from all of those that I am not worthy of care. I would like to push my off button if only I had one.  I would like to live in a bubble protected from hurt and misunderstanding.  I do understand that God does not want that to happen, he wants me to stand strong in my weakness.

What does my soul need?  My soul needs to know God loves me and holds me.  I need to know that someone loves me, unconditionally.  My damaged soul needs to be healed and comforted. 

I am not sure how to accomplish this healing.  My emotional discomfort,  like everything else in life, needs to put in God’s hands. God is known to be a great healer.  I will await your touch Lord and your comfort in the interim.