Journal Prompt-What Currently Brings You Joy Happiness

What currently brings you joy and happiness?

(Aug 2020)

I am a divorced currently unattached 60 plus-year-old woman. So what brings me joy at this point in my life?

As I think back over my life, I find that joy over the years has come in many shapes and experiences.   When I was a child, I would find joy in playing with the family dogs, spending time with friends, and watching cartoons.  As I got older, I found joy in riding horses, singing in church, getting a phone call from a boy.  As I became a young woman, I found joy in dating, travel, and the hopes of finding the love of my life.

Things have changed over the years.  The person that I thought was the love of my life betrayed me, the church that I loved disappointed me and turned its back on me because of a divorce I wanted nothing to do with.

You could be led to believe that there is no joy in this tragic life, but that would not be true.  There is so much that now brings me joy.  I have the joy of my children and now my grandchildren.  What a blessing to hold my young granddaughter. My older grandkids are so much fun, and it is great to receive their hugs and watch them develop into amazing people.

Daily life also brings me joy.  The fact that there is always an adventure in this life if you choose to find it.  Adventure can be found in a good book, in a new experience, and in the eyes of those we love.  The possibilities are endless.

I also find great joy in my faith.  The fact that God loves us beyond what I can comprehend is exhilarating to me.

I can’t forget to mention the joy I find in my dog, Brodie.  Brodie is a sweetheart and is by my side at every turn.

Here is a poem that I wrote when I was in the depths of despair during my separation and pending divorce.

Kathiey V