Journal Prompt-What Are You Completely Honest About?

 I do not lie easily.  If I try to tell an untruth, I quickly give myself away with a facial expression or some strange body language.  Not that I have not lied in the past, I am sure that I have, but I can’t recall the event because it is a rarity in my life.

Is it a lie when you don’t share the complete truth to avoid drama or hurting someone? I don’t think so because you are not really lying, but you are just holding back some information. I know I have done that.

There is one thing that I will never lie about.  I will give you the unabridged truth if you ask me about my divorce.   Ask me anything about it, and I will tell you.  I don’t usually bring the subject up, but I will answer that question and probably share more than what was asked of me if asked a direct question. 

I don’t believe in protecting someone, that has caused pain in many lives by hiding the facts.  I know I am not privy to all that was hidden from me.  I wish someone would tell me everything because I want to know the truth.  That being said, I will not hold back the truth of what occurred before, during, and after my divorce.  Go ahead, ask me a question.