Journal Prompt-How do You Feel About Sheets? Are You a Sheet Snob?

I don’t think I was born a sheet snob, but somehow, along the way, I found that I do have sheet requirements that need to be met. When I was a kid, I did not think twice about sheets. If you ask me if I can recall how smooth and soft my childhood sheets were, I would have to say, “I have no idea.” 

I think my mom leaned toward sheet snobbery. I can remember her on many occasions talking about “nice sheets.” I think, to my mom, that nice sheets meant a soft, smooth-textured sheet. I recall she liked cotton and percale blends.

When I was probably in my forties, I visited a Bed and Breakfast when I was on vacation. The home was beautiful. It was evident that an interior designer created the look, and I felt like I was staying in a magazine. The bed looked inviting, and I could not wait to snuggle in and read a good book. I pulled back the sheets and jumped into bed. What a rude awakening, the sheets felt like sandpaper, and I stayed awake most of the night. That is when I knew I had become a sheet snob.

When I look for a hotel or B&B for a vacation, I automatically search for information on their sheets. I love it when they say they have luxury linens. That is when I know that I have found the lodging for me. 

Whenever I stay somewhere and find the sheets soft and smooth, I pull back the covers and search for the tag containing the brand. I then head to my computer to see if I can afford a set of these luxurious sheets for my bed at home.

I never considered myself a snob in any area of my life until I developed a less than smooth sheet aversion. Reluctantly I have to admit to my weakness and admit that “Yes, I have become a sheet snob.”

Kathiey V