Journal Prompt-Describe Your Best Snow Day!

Journal Prompt for a Snowy Day

I remember as a child growing up in Pennsylvania that we loved our snow days. My parents would prepare for snow by putting up snow fences to place the snow drifts where they wanted them. I think this made them feel some control over the impending blizzards. My dad would also put snow chains on the car tires for use during the snowy season. As kids, we prepped our sleds and kept our snow attire handy, so we would be ready at any moment to build snowmen, construct snow forts and sled down the hill from our house to our Uncle Leslie and Aunt Charlotte’s house. 

I remember a snow day in my adult life when my daughters were still at home. I don’t recall what year it was or how old the kids were, but I know we had a blast. The snow came down hard and heavy that snow day and seemed to go on forever. In NC, they are not the best at snow removal, so we knew school would be closed for some time. 

Luckily we did not lose power during the storm. We spent our week sleeping in and playing in the snow. We hiked in the snow, threw snowballs, and built snowmen. When the cold became too bitter, we would head into the warm house, make hot chocolate, and play cards throughout the evening. 

Best Snow Day Ever!