Surviving Divorce

Inspirational Quote “A Person Who Falls…”

In my opinion, this is an accurate quote.  When learning anything in life, whether it be a new skill or navigating the waters of a life trauma, these are times when we may regress or seem to go backward.  These are the times we just might make a wrong turn or just downright fail.

After being lied to or betrayed, we may react in a way that is not our norm.  We may make decisions based on fear and uncertainty.  We may fall, and I did.  My first reaction to this devastation in my life was to give up.  So in that regard I fell, I momentarily forgot that God has my back and that I needed to hold tightly to his promises.  It took me a while but I came around:-)

If you do or did fall/fail because of your fear and uncertainty, don’t kick yourself.  We are human and make mistakes.  I believe God understands the depth of pain that we are/were in and holds us close to Him even in our uncertainty.

I believe that when we do get back up that we have learned from our experience.  We are not only stronger because of it, but we now have the tools to help others.

Thank You God



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