I am Divorced…Realization of a Dream Destroyed

Divorce, Realization of a Dream Destroyed.
Well today, Feb 9 2017, I am officially divorced. So how do I feel on this impactful day? I will try to verbalize it…

Did I ever in a million years predict that I would be divorced? No!
Did I choose to break a vow to someone I loved, or did love, or a vow to God? No!
Did I ever want to divide my family? No!
Did I ever want to put my children in in a position for an increased chance of divorce, what statically happens with divorced families? No!
Did I ever want to field questions from my grandchildren as to why they have multiple grandparents. No!
Did I want my children and grandchildren to say it is ok to throw a family member away anytime they want just because they are tired of them? No!

Did I want to fulfill my vow to God and to my husband? Yes!
Did I want to have children that could look at their parents and see love and commitment? Yes!
Did I want children that could look to their parents as an example of imperfect people trying their best to fulfill God’s plan and through that example believe that a commitment to God and to each other is important? Yes!
Did I want to have grandchildren that could say that their grandparents took their vow to God and each other seriously. That family was important and thus find some stability in that family bond? Yes!
Did I want to retire with my husband and enjoy trips and wonderful times with my family! Yes!

What now?

I will always be honest. Ask me anything. I invite your questions.
I will move on to hopefully help others who have been betrayed.
I will love my girls and my grandchildren with all my heart.
I will continue to hold tightly to God knowing that he is our only true constant in this life.
I will remind myself of God’s promise…”I will never leave you or forsake you”
Thank you God!