How do you feel about My Quote of the Week?

Quote of the Week 

Taking a risk is a scary endeavor. But, sometimes, to achieve the desired goal, we need to take a risk. It seems since the unwanted separation and divorce in my life, I have taken several risks. I bought a new house. I left my job. I began writing and forged on in blogging. 

So here I am, jumping into another risk-taking adventure. I am finishing my second book. That means finding an editor, figuring out how to self publish again. I know I have been through this process once, but it remains an unknown in many ways, and thus it is scary.

I find I am most fearful of things I don’t completely understand. So to stem the fear of the unknown, I take online classes and watch youtube videos to increase my knowledge and thus decrease my anxiety and fear.

You won’t find me jumping into a high-risk situation. Instead, you will find me taking calculated risks.  I see this new book as a risk but a risk with reward.  Hopefully, my book will help others as they try to navigate the difficult road of an unwanted divorce.  If it helps one person, then the risk was worth it.  What risk are you afraid to take today.  Is the risk worth taking?  What reward can come of you taking this risk?  If you think it will positively benefit your life, jump in and see what happens. 

I am reading a book where the protagonist was told she needed to “be brave” as a young child.”  These words came back to her throughout her difficult life and brought her strength and courage.  I think when we face a difficult decision, we need to also “be brave.” In being brave, we can take a risk, and we will find we can tackle the task at hand. 

God Bless YouKathieyV