Helping You Through Divorce-A Divorce Website-“I’ve Moved On”

I know full well the confusion you find yourself in when headed into an unwanted divorce.  I thought I would share with you any seemingly helpful Divorce Related websites that I find.  I hope you are able to find helpful resources to assist you in your fight to get through and recover from your divorce.

I found a new one for me this week.  It is called I’ve Moved, Life After a Breakup.

As I was looking over their site, I saw community, podcasts, local help such as attorneys, articles, and even a store where you buy things like tee shirts.


Articles-They have many helpful articles.  I know in the early days of my divorce, I was seeking advice from everyone and anyone.  Many of the articles seem very helpful.  I see it as a good resource.

A few of the articles published recently area series on co-parenting, and also one called “I’m Thankful for my Divorce and Heartbreak.  I want to read that one.


Podcast-Meet Mr. Trout. I listened to the podcast.  It was a fun banter about life.  

Local Help

Under local help, they assist in directing you to local lawyers, divorce coaches or therapists, and other services you may need.


Under resources, you will find anything from Divorce Advice to selling your home and inspirational quotes.

Online Store

They also have a store. Here they sell tee shirts with logos and graphics.

So if you are like me and always looking for resources to increase your divorce knowledge base, I advise you to that you check out this site.  I will go back for the articles.

God Bless!