Finding Joy…

I found a quote I like on the subject of joy….

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain”

Joseph Campbell

After a betrayal such as separation and divorce finding joy can be a difficult task. I agree with Joseph that joy can burn out the pain or at least partially smother the pain even if only momentarily. I believe to get to that point takes sheer determination, faith, and constant refocusing.
So what did you do to find joy last week? Here are a few of my happy moments.

I found joy in spending time with my grand children.  Cuddle time with Maggie and playing dinosaur games with Caleb.  Enjoyed time with my daughters.  Erica and I went to a winery and Stephanie and I spent time at the perfume counter taking in new scents.  Dinner and wine with my good friend Cindy is always a treat.

Taking long walks with my dog Brodie.  Getting rained on on a humid evening.  Walking on a windy night, letting my curly frizzy hair go wild and not caring what anyone thinks.

What did you do last week that brought you joy?  I would love to know.




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Hi, I am a mom, nana, and writer living in the beautiful state of NC. I was married for 37 years and then blindsided by my husband, a former pastor. After decades he filed for legal separation without a word to me. It has been a rough road coming to terms with this new life that has been chosen for me. My blog is a place where I share "The Beginning," this place I found myself, a place I did not want to be. "The Journey," the things we need to do as we traverse this new road. Lastly "The Joy," and yes there is still joy to be found even after great pain. I have finished my first book "My Story My Divorce God's Promise, The Beginning." I am in the process of writing The Journey and The Joy. Please join me on my adventure to a new life. Always remember God's Promise "I will never leave you or forsake you."

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  2. I hiked in preparation for my climb of shasta. i went mountain bike shopping, did a few trail runs, i hung out with new people. I had dinner with a neighbor who had invited me and my son.

    To recover from the bitter agony will take eveeything I got. Its been about 4 months for me, and although I have made some progress, it still cuts deep

    1. Good for you getting out and doing things. I know it is not easy. I know all to well the “deep cut” which will leave a scar but we can grow in the healing. Exercise is such a stress reliever. My exercise is hiking, walking and zumba:-)

  3. I found joy in the small things. Last week was hard- sick dog, AC unit is broken and a car accident, but I knew that God was still watching over me. I focused on the good of each outcome- enjoying a cool breeze, my kids weren’t in the car, and my dog is still hanging on.

    1. Oh my. I am glad you did not get hurt in the car accident. I hope you dog is ok. Did you get your ac fixed? I enjoyed the cool breeze this week too:-)

  4. Since my divorce I have made it a habit to keep a miracle journal. Every night I look back upon my day and write a note about the miracles that came to me. This practice has helped me to cultivate gratitude rather than dwell on bitterness.

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