Surviving Divorce

Finding Joy…

I found a quote I like on the subject of joy….

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain”

Joseph Campbell

After a betrayal such as separation and divorce finding joy can be a difficult task. I agree with Joseph that joy can burn out the pain or at least partially smother the pain even if only momentarily. I believe to get to that point takes sheer determination, faith, and constant refocusing.
So what did you do to find joy last week? Here are a few of my happy moments.

I found joy in spending time with my grand children.  Cuddle time with Maggie and playing dinosaur games with Caleb.  Enjoyed time with my daughters.  Erica and I went to a winery and Stephanie and I spent time at the perfume counter taking in new scents.  Dinner and wine with my good friend Cindy is always a treat.

Taking long walks with my dog Brodie.  Getting rained on on a humid evening.  Walking on a windy night, letting my curly frizzy hair go wild and not caring what anyone thinks.

What did you do last week that brought you joy?  I would love to know.





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  2. I hiked in preparation for my climb of shasta. i went mountain bike shopping, did a few trail runs, i hung out with new people. I had dinner with a neighbor who had invited me and my son.

    To recover from the bitter agony will take eveeything I got. Its been about 4 months for me, and although I have made some progress, it still cuts deep

    • Good for you getting out and doing things. I know it is not easy. I know all to well the “deep cut” which will leave a scar but we can grow in the healing. Exercise is such a stress reliever. My exercise is hiking, walking and zumba:-)

  3. I found joy in the small things. Last week was hard- sick dog, AC unit is broken and a car accident, but I knew that God was still watching over me. I focused on the good of each outcome- enjoying a cool breeze, my kids weren’t in the car, and my dog is still hanging on.

    • Oh my. I am glad you did not get hurt in the car accident. I hope you dog is ok. Did you get your ac fixed? I enjoyed the cool breeze this week too:-)

  4. Since my divorce I have made it a habit to keep a miracle journal. Every night I look back upon my day and write a note about the miracles that came to me. This practice has helped me to cultivate gratitude rather than dwell on bitterness.

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