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Do You Have a Favorite Coffee Mug?

Do you guys have a favorite coffee mug?  I have a few that I love.  When going through a difficult time or even on a stress-free day it is nice to pour your morning coffee into a mug that has a verse or a saying that starts your day off right.

I have several mugs some I use on occasion but a few that I gravitate toward frequently.

I love the ones with the inspirational quotes.  They are a daily reminder that I am not alone and that I can have a positive outlook.  The Finger Lakes mug reminds me of the fantastic time I had with the Road Scholars in Upstate NY.  The cow mug is just funny.  I don’t use it much, but my grandson does:-)

I found my cups accidentally in specialty stores that I have visited.

I did an Amazon search for mugs and found these that seem very nice and serve as reminders that we are not alone and we can make it through the day whether it be fun or difficult

You can check these links out on Amazon if you are interested.

Faith Psalm 55:22

I can do all things through Him

Never The Less She Persisted

For I Know The Plans I Have For You

Send me a photo of your favorite mug.

If I get a large response I may do a blog post.


(These links may contain affiliate links.  I say may because I don’t know if the links are working on my site.  With that in mind if you do click on a link and purchase a cup I get paid a percentage with no cost to you.  Thanks:-)


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