Divorce-The Beginning, The Journey, The Joy

The Beginng, The Journey, The Joy


The Beginning
Find a Mantra to get you through each day…

A friend of mine sent me this quote.  Going through a divorce can make you feel like you are in a deep dark, hopeless hell with no end in sight.  On the days I felt I could not keep going through my hell, I held onto this quote, and I did “keep going.”

The Journey
Don’t Sign Anything…

I remember on my journey through divorce I was given a divorce agreement written up by my husband and his attorney before I had any knowledge he was leaving me.  I was tempted to sign but everyone around me said “don’t sign anything” until you speak with an attorney.  I would find this to be life-saving advice.

The Joy
Always be on the lookout for joy…

I remember even in the early days of the devastation I was making an attempt to find beauty in the pain. If you keep searching you will find your joy although it may take time.

God bless you in your journey.

Always remember Goods promise,

“I will never leave you or forsake you”