Divorce in The News!

Divorce in The News

Five of the latest divorce articles include adultery and divorce, healing after divorce, financial specialists you may need, signs your partner may be a narcissist, and co-parenting tips. 

Feb 11, 2022

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1-Adultery and How It Can Affect Your Divorce-I think this article would be helpful to anyone going through a divorce where adultery was involved.   When I interviewed my potential attorneys, one told me that she could not help me.  I was told by another, an official divorce attorney, that I was entitled to alimony due to the length of my marriage and the circumstances of the requested divorce.  It is so essential to hire the right attorney.

2-Healing After Divorce–  You will find a few good suggestions here to help you in the healing process. I did continue to attend church in the early days, and it was a huge part of the healing process for me.  

3-Divorce and Financial Specialists– In this article, you will learn about the different financial specialists that are available.  For these specialists, you need to do your research as with lawyers.  The first CPA I hired made some mistakes, and I ended up paying penalties, so be careful.

4-Seven Signs Your Partner is a Narcissist-  All I have to say is, “why did they not teach us about narcissists in school?  

5-Five Tips for Co-Parenting-I think this will be a good article for those with their children still at home.  When I started down this path, my kids were adults.  It still did not make it any easier on my kids or me. It was still difficult for everyone. 

God Bless You On Your Journey!