Divorce in the News Sept 9, 2022

Five of the latest divorce articles include, do you need a divorce in a common-law marriage in Texas, unplanned singlehood and finances, when should I contact a divorce attorney, co-parenting, and the average cost of a divorce.

Sept 9, 2022

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1-Do I Need a Divorce For a Common Law Marriage in Texas?  I don’t know much about common-law marriages, so I found this article interesting.

2-Unplanned Singlehood can Affect your Finances. Of course, it can.

3-When Should I Contact a Divorce Lawyer? In my opinion, you should do this right away.  I waited longer than I should have.

4-10 Essentials of Co-Parenting After Divorce- Here is some very good advice in this article for those of us who have kids and going through a divorce.

5-How Much Does a Divorce Cost On Average?  Based on my experience, the answer to this question is “a lot!”

God Bless You On Your Journey!