Divorce in the News Sept 30, 2022

 Five of the latest divorce articles include an article on Divorces Coaches, Grand Parents and their divorce rights, Federal Employee Benefits and divorce, 10 reasons people won’t move on after a divorce, and the Grey Divorce.

Sept 30, 2022

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1-The Life-Changing Divorce Coaches Helping Couples Split I was not aware of divorce coaching when I was going through my divorce.  It sounds like it would be an incredible help if you have the money.  Like everything else divorce this service comes with a hefty price tag.

2-What About GrandParents in Divorce? The grandparent’s rights are not guaranteed in a divorce. This article breaks down some interesting facts.

3-What Happens to Your Federal Employee Benefits in Divorce? I was not a Federal Employee and neither was my ex so this does not apply to me.  It may answer a few questions for you if your or your spouse was a Federal Employee.

4-10 Reasons Why People Won’t Move on After Divorce Moving on after divorce can be extremely difficult.  In this article, they break it down into 10 reasons someone won’t move on but I think there are many more.

5-The Grey Divorce: Divorce After Age 50 Sadly I am in this category and I know I am not alone.  If you are one of us I hope you are ok.

God Bless You On Your Journey!