Divorce in the News Oct 9,2021

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 Kelly Awarded 10.4 Million Dollar Ranch in Divorce

Congrats Kelly!!!  We should all be so lucky.  As I was reading the article I found that Kelly had paid for the ranch to begin with so in my opinion, yes, she she be given the ranch.  FYI Kelly has to pay her EX $200,000/month in spousal support which seems just wrong to me.  

Adele’s upcoming album is all about ‘self reflection’ and ‘self-redemption’ in the wake of her divorce.

After reading this article I am not sure if I agree with her reasoning for the divorce but I am interested in hearing her new songs.
Protecting an Inheritance From DivorceThis is a very short article about setting up a trust to protect an inheritance.  I think if you have an inheritence coming your way you need to do more research in protecting you assests.  My advice is to keep any money you recive in your name not in a joint account.  Protect Yourself!

Fewer People are getting Married but Divorce Rates Climb in England and Wales

Interesting article aboout marriage and divorce rates in England and Wales.

Divorced parents are going to court over vaccinating their kids against the coronavirus

This is one thing I don’t have to worry about because I was divorced when my children were adults.  I can see this being a huge and expensive problem for divorcing parents who disagree on this topic.

Take care everyone and God Bless You on this journey!

Kathiey V