Divorce In The News Nov 18, 2022

Every week or so, I look at what is happening in Divorce News. I search “divorce” in Google and put a time frame on the search of that current week or so to give me an overview of what is happening in divorce news. The trending news is typically celebrity news. For instance, this week, the focus is on Christine Brown. I have no idea who that is, but she seems to be the celebrity divorce focus for this week. No, I do not know the situation of this divorce, but I do know that divorce is taken very lightly in our culture, which is a sad commentary.

Yes, in the news, it is the celebrities that get all the attention. I am not looking for articles that are celebrity-focused. I am searching for articles that can help regular people look for answers as they navigate the difficult road of divorce. Here is what I found this week.

Five of the latest divorce articles include the case for a long divorce, the morality clause, divorce papers, what happens if divorce mediation fails, and how to heal from a divorce.

November 18, 2022

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1-The Case For A Long Divorce-I think in many cases a long divorce is a good idea but in other cases such as abuse or infeditly it is not. 

2-What is a Morality Clause in Divorce? A morality clasue would come into play when you have children still at home.  This makes total sense, to me, in order to protect our children.

3-Do I Have to Serve Divorce Papers to My Spouse? Interesting article on divorce papers.  I don’t recall being served divorce papers.  I think the paper work was shared throught our attorneys.

4-What Happens if Divorce Mediation Fails? I went through mediation and that is where everything for the divorce was setteled.  It was a painstaking process and part of me wishes it would have failed and that we had gone to court.  

5-How To Heal From a Divorce-This is a good article on the phases of divorce with a few ways they suggest to help us along the way.

God Bless You On Your Journey!