Divorce in the News-May 13, 2022

Five of the latest divorce articles include why women file for divorce, how to start again, the three types of divorce, a contested divorce, and some interesting facts about divorce in Texas.

May 13, 2022

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1-Why Women File for Divorce More Than Men– I did not initiate my divorce. My husband did, but I found this interesting article.

2-Life After Divorce, How You Can Start Again-I found divorce to be an emotional rollercoaster.  I think everyone heals at their own pace.  This article talks about ways to help you start again.

3- The Three Types of Divorce-Most of us headed into a divorce have no idea of the legal hurdles.  I did not know of the types of divorce available to me.  Of the three listed, I used two of them.  We did go to court, and we eventually mediated. This was a very painful and a costly experience for me. 

4-What if my Spouse Contests Divorce?-I was shocked by my ex’s desire for a divorce, but I did not contest it. 

5-Ten Fascinating Facts About Divorce in Texas-I did find this article “fascinating”.  

God Bless You On Your Journey!