Divorce in the News-March 25, 2022

 Divorce in The News

Five of the latest divorce articles include common problems with the do-it-yourself divorce, drinking wine every night during your divorce, how the queen has been affected by divorce, the question of divorce being a sin,  and divorce and your taxes. 

March 25, 2022

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1-The Five Common Problems With a Do-It-Yourself Divorce This is an overview of how difficult the divorce process can be to navigate alone.  I would not have had the positive outcome that I did without my attorney.

2-Is Drinking Wine Every Night During Divorce a Bad Thing? I can relate to this article.  I did begin to drink more wine than was normal for me during and after my divorce.  It became my comfort food.  I found this post relative and helpful in that it brings up potential problems and gives ways to solve them.

3-The Queen is Deeply Upset Over Her Kids Divorces I see most divorces as frivolous and selfish.  Yes, I do believe in divorce for abuse and infidelity, but most of the time, it is a selfish pursuit that lacks concern for all those touched by this decision. Many are hurt by divorce, and after reading this article, I found that even the Queen has been pained by divorce in her family.

4-Divorcing an Abusive Spouse is not a Sin Interesting article on divorce and how it is viewed by the church. 

5-Divorce and Taxes I have come to really like Turbo Tax and have filed my taxes with them several times.  This Turbo Tax article gives info on how divorce situations affect your taxes.  God Bless You On Your Journey!