Divorce in the News June 10, 2022

 Five of the latest divorce articles include what to expect when your ex remarries, how often do divorced couples remarry, can I lose my house in a divorce, how to start a new life, and 15 signs your marriage may end in divorce.

June 10, 2022

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1-What to Expect When Your Ex Remarries-I found this to be an interesting article.  It speaks of the effects of remarriage on alimony, child custody, and the list goes on.  My Ex did remarry, although the marriage did not last.  He had to continue to pay my alimony even though he was remarried.  If I had remarried I would have lost my alimony.

2-How Often Do Divorced Couples Marry Each Other Again?  I can see why some would want to remarry.  From my perspective though I would never go down that path again.

3- Can I Lose My House in a Divorce If I was the Sole Owner-That is a good question. 

4-How Do I Start A New Life After Divorce? There is good advice to be found here.

5-Fifteen Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce Several on the list did pertain to my marriage.

God Bless You On Your Journey!