Divorce in the News July 15, 2022

 Five of the latest divorce articles include the effect of divorce on a child, dividing property during a divorce, a guide to divorcing a narcissist, and 21 common grounds for divorce.

July 15, 2022

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1-How do we help our child deal with our impending divorce? There is no getting around it; divorce has a horrible impact on a child.  That is why I don’t think it should be taken lightly.

2-Dividing Property and Debt During Divorce  Interesting article on the division of property.

3-Stop Lying. Divorce Is Hell on Kids Another article on the problematic time kids have when their parents go through a divorce.  

4-The Ultimate Guide to Divorcing a Narcissist I am so sorry if you find yourself going through a divorce with a narcissist.  I hope this article will give you some insight.

5-21 Common Reasons And Legal Grounds For Divorce The title says it all.

God Bless You On Your Journey!