Divorce In the News July 1, 2023

Every week or so, I look at what is happening in Divorce News. I search “divorce” in Google and put a time frame on the search of that current week or so to give me an overview of what is happening in divorce news. The trending news is typically celebrity news.

Yes, in the news, it is the celebrities that get all the attention. I am not looking for articles that are celebrity-focused. I am searching for articles that can help regular people look for answers as they navigate the difficult road of divorce. If you are looking for celebrity divorce news, here are a few in the news this week.

June 30, 2023

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1-Divorce From Psychology Today-This article talked about all aspects of divorce, from the why to the effects on all of those involved.  It also mentions how to heal from divorce.

2-A new start after 60: I was devastated by divorce at 70. But at 102, I know the secrets of a well-lived life One woman’s story about how she found herself after her divorce.

3-Divorce is Not What You See on TV-Interest article that has a focus on the court system.

4-Filing Taxes after Divorce or Separation-This is a helpful article that may give you some direction in regard to your taxes.  I was totally lost during tax season during my separation and divorce.

5-How to get a copy of a divorce decree or certificate-You never know when you may need a copy of your divorce decree.  This article will give you some direction.

That’s it for now, for divorce in the news.

God Bless You On Your Journey!