Divorce in the News Jan 6, 2023

 Every week or so, I look at what is happening in Divorce News. I search “divorce” in Google and put a time frame on the search of that current week or so to give me an overview of what is happening in divorce news. The trending news is typically celebrity news.

Yes, in the news, it is the celebrities that get all the attention. I am not looking for articles that are celebrity-focused. I am searching for articles that can help regular people look for answers as they navigate the difficult road of divorce. Here is what I found this week.

Five of the latest divorce articles include the definition of the divorce decree, legal separation in NC, stay-at-home moms who face divorce, annulment vs. divorce, and an article on parenting when divorced.

January 6, 2023

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1-What is a Divorce Decree in NC-This article covers everything you need to know about a divorce decree in NC. I had to look up the definition of Decree-an official order issued by a legal authority.

2-Legal Separation in NC-When I was going through my divorce, I did not understand what a legal separation entailed.  I did end up legally separated, and much of what was decided in the court continued into the official divorce.

3-Stay-at-Home Moms and Divorce-A think a man that divorces his wife who is a stay-at-home mom is reprehensible.  How can you leave someone that has no way to provide for themselves.  This article speaks to the situation a stay-at-home mom may find herself in.

4-Annulment Versus Divorce-In this article, you will learn what an annulment is.  As I read through the criteria, I soon realized I could not have gotten an Annulment.  

5-What is Free Range Parenting, and How Will it affect My Divorce? This article focuses on the difficulties of parenting after divorce.  I did not have children at home when I divorced.  

God Bless You On Your Journey!