Divorce in the News December 27,2021

Divorce in The News

Five of the latest divorce articles include divorce and religion, filing for divorce, debt in a divorce, and terms used for the divorce.

Dec 27, 2021 

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1-Religious Americans Less Likely to Divorce

After reading this article and based on my life experience, I would say this is false.  I did not cohabitate before marriage, and I was a Christian married to a pastor, and I still became a divorced woman.  Based on that, I would say it is false to say “religious Americans are less likely to divorce.

2- Should I consider filing for divorce first

This is an interesting and informative article.

I did not file for divorce first.  Although If I had known all that I knew after the discovery phase of the divorce process, I would have.  My ex saw a divorce attorney long before I knew he was even thinking about leaving.  Later in the process, I decided to allow him to file so that during our separation, I could stay on his health insurance.

3-You’re 75 Percent More Likely to Divorce If You Have This

I can see this being true, but it was not in my case.  Looking back, I don’t think I had any friends that were divorced or were getting divorced.

4-How Debt Is Split in Divorce

This is an informative article that I wish I had read during my divorce proceedings.  This information would have given me knowledge on how to proceed.  It is worth the read if you are going through a divorce.

5-Synonyms & Antonyms of divorced

After looking over this list of terms, I have decided to call myself “footloose and fancy-free “…Ha Ha.

God Bless You on Your Journey!