Divorce In The News-April 22,2022

Five of the latest divorce articles include the cost of divorce, the validity of divorce or marriage in the US if this occurred in a foreign country, and dating during and after a divorce.

April 22, 2022

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1-How Much Does a Divorce Cost? 8 Factors to Consider.  How much does a divorce cost? Alot!  This is an article that gives you things to think about as far as cost and your divorce.  If you are going through this I am sorry.

2-Is marriage or divorce from a foreign country valid in the US?  This is something that did not pertain to me and I have never really thought about it.  It is an interesting article and story.

3-Possible Complications When Dating During Divorce This article is based on the laws in Maryland.  

4- Five Reasons to Wait Before You Date During a Divorce Yet another article on dating during your divorce.  Interesting.

5-Dating After Divorce I thought I would stick with the dating theme.  This one is about dating after your divorce.  God Bless You On Your Journey!