Divorce in the Media TV “Dr. Foster” Financial Infidelity


As we get into episode 3 of season one of the TV show Dr. Foster, the theme turns to money.

Just how much do we or did we know in our marriage regarding our money? Did we keep tabs on what was going on or did we just innocently trust that our significant other would do what was right and ethical?

Dr. Foster completely trusted her husband with all things financial, as I did,  and tells her attorney that her husband handles the money because he is better at it, I believed that too.  His reply to this was “you know nothing of your finances?” Her lawyer says that he has probably hidden money away.  She seems stunned at that prospect.

Let us leave TV land and enter the real world.  There is a term I have recently come across, “Financial Infidelity.”  The definition for this term according to Investopedia,

“What is ‘Financial Infidelity‘ Financial infidelity occurs when couples 

with combined finances lie to each other about money.”

Do I think that we should all be suspicious of our spouses when it comes to money?  No.  What I do believe is that we should be informed.  We should become suspicious if we begin to see red flags and confront these suspicions head-on.  Don’t disregard your gut feelings because more times then not they are a warning. 

God Bless,