Divorce in the Media “Grace and Frankie”

I find myself relating to this show in many ways.  I am nearly in my 60’s and my husband of 37 years just decided to up and leave with no warning to me.  It was a bit like that for Grace and Frankie too.  I am going to watch the series and pull out quotes, situations, and emotions that I can relate to…..Part 2

The Beginning

There is so much I can relate to in this first episode.  It may take me years to finish my post on this first one alone.  So the “men”, who have been cheating on their wives, with each other for years, finally decide to be honest about the situation.  One of the wives asked how long it has been going on.  His answer was 20 years.  The reply was,  “don’t you think you should have told us sooner?”.  That is when Jane Fonda blasts her husband with an insult, which in reality would have been much stronger….”You Spineless Chicken!”

Yes, I would agree with spineless chicken and I could go further but I won’t.  Mine was a spineless chicken also.  I believe he was going to walk out without telling me.  He had already secured an apartment.  The only reason I found out was a letter that was not supposed to come to our home did come to our home, from his attorney.  He had filed for legal separation without a word to me.  Spineless Chicken seems to fit.

I know of 2 families that were damaged because of my ex’s decisions.  No, make that 3 if you include mine and you should.  I would be willing to bet there are more.  Yes, spineless chicken is appropriate.

The Journey

When I think back over my 37-year marriage there is a lot I would have done differently.  The first and most important was to listen to my gut.  Over the many years, I would hear an inner voice saying “something is not right”.  I would always second guess myself and say “no, that can’t be.  He is a pastor “called” of God, he would never cross those lines.”  Yes, I should have listened to my gut.

I do now.  Maybe a bit late but better late than never.

The Joy

Moving on from the lies.

Spending time at the pool with my grandson:-)

If you are going through a separation and pending divorce just hang on.  Lean on your faith and your friends.  You are stronger then you think.  And believe me, you are not alone.