Divorce Diversion:Tuesday Travels, Bryson City North Carolina

I had a wonderful time during my stay in Bryson City NC.  What a lovely town.
I loved being able to see the mountains in the distance.  Beautiful.
There is a small downtown area with several shops and restaurants.
I was lucky to have found a great place to stay,
I knew as soon as I was greeted in the lobby that I had selected the perfect lodging for me.
Everyone was so friendly and helpful.  It felt like I had come home.
(My hotel is the brick building on the corner)
My bed was perfect.
The sheets are amazing and the bed comfortable.
They have a great cooling system.  I love a cold room at night and with their system I had the ability to keep the room as warm or cool as I wanted. Perfect!
I took a stroll downtown to see what I could find.
I enjoyed a meal at Anthony’s one night for pizza…

…but most of the time I ate at the Everett.
I loved their breakfasts that are part of the package when you stay with them.

A place that several folks recommended I visit was Great Smoky Mountains Winery.  Sadly they were closed the days I was in Bryson City.  I was told they have wonderful pizza.

I had a wonderful time during my stay in Bryson City.  It was a great adventure.  I hope to return someday.

Happy Travels and Adventures