Divorce Diversion-Weekend Reading and Watching All About Solo Travel Plus Links to My Youtube Channel.


A Fashionista’s Must Have Travel Essentials

I am not a fashionista but I found this article very helpful.

How to Capture Great Travel Photos when Traveling Alone

I am a blogger so I found this an interesting read.

10 Tips for Staying Safe as a Solo Female Traveler

Lots of great advice found here for anyone traveling.

20 Hotel Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Tips to keeping you safe in your hotel when traveling.



How to Secure Your Hotel Door

I just ordered a door stopper, not the one he was showing us but one a bit less in price.

How to Pack Like a Pro

There are some great packing ideas here. I never would have thought of stuffing my shoes with items but great idea.

How to Take Solo Travel Photos With you Phone

I loved this video.  There are many times it would be nice to have shots of myself to put on my blog.


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Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!