Divorce Diversion-Places-The Exotic Animal Show in Raleigh NC

Many years ago, when the girls were young, we would venture to the Exotic Animal Show to see the animals. We would enjoy seeing mammals like sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and other small primates. We even would enjoy the lizards and all things lizard-like. We were not so much interested in the spiders, snakes, and heaven forbid ever having a scorpion, yikes. Well, today I headed over to the state fairgrounds to re-visit the Exotic Animal Show to see if things had changed.

 I entered with an open mind.  I know that everyone has different tastes.  Different tastes in music, fashion, food, and yes even in pets.

 First thing I came across, as I entered, were crickets and mealworms.  Not a good sign of the creatures to come.

 Are these Meal Worms?

My friend and co-worker Vanessa and I have devised a form of “scary insect” warfare. If it is too scary to step on or squash with a book, the next best thing is chemical warfare. When it comes to big hairy spiders, wasps, or my personal scariest creature, the horrifying stinging centipede I reach for any chemical available. I have been known to grab Windex, Mr. Clean, and even Tilex to slow down and even drown the evil critters.

Well, as you know, we don’t all think the same way. Some folks have these creatures as their pets. I am not going to judge them, but I have placed my photos from today’s show in my order of least likely to ever own to the most likely to own, here goes

 (It’s Tilex and a baseball bat if I saw this in the kitchen)

 (I get nervous just looking at him)


 (Are those venom bulbs? Uggg)

 Gators, too many teeth for me

 Snakes, all sizes and colors.  Not my cup of tea.

 Not cheap

 This guy is kinda cute?

 I liked this exhibit.  The Carolina Classic Dragons…

 I can understand owning frogs, they are just cool.

 Interesting creature…

 Not really a rat person but I hear they are highly intelligent.

 I think birds make nice pets…

 Love birds?

 So cute!  A little pot bellied pig.  I was surprised how soft his hair was.


 Love horses.  We had several horses when we were kids.

Yes, they even sold jewelry at this event.

And No! I do not want this for Mothers Day:-)

I met many very nice folks today with many exciting companions. They were proud to show off their beloved pets. As we have learned in this post, we are all different in our pet choices.

I think I have the best pet and companion in the world.

My Brodie….He the perfect pet for me:-)

Such a handsome fellow!

Happy Travels and Adventures Everyone!