Divorce Diversion; My Entertainment Wrap-Up For June 25, 2022

 A lot is going on in the entertainment area as far as books, music, TV, and movies.  

Here is what I have been watching and listening to lately. 

The YouTube Version

What am I reading?  

I am listening to Bellevue and reading a physical book called Fable.   I find Bellevue to be fascinating.

Fable is a young adult novel about pirates and adventure. Fable is a 17-year-old girl. She was raised on the sea with her mother and father. In an awful twist of fate, a storm arises that sinks their ship. Her mother dies, and she is left with her father, who abandons her on a dangerous island with thieves and very little food. So far, it is pretty good. I am on page 48.

Bellevue is a non-fiction book about the facility in New York called Bellevue. In this book, you learn the history of the facility and some of New York’s history, mainly concerning medicine and past diseases and their effects on the city.  

I found the story of George Washington to be interesting. George was having some throat issues. He was 67 at this time. His initial treatment was blood letting, and I mean a lot of blood letting. That was not working, so they called in another Dr.  This Dr. did some more blood letting as well as the use of leeches. They also used various methods to “deplete” him, such as enemas and medications that induced vomiting. Just awful! He finally said no more, and he died soon after. I am inclined to think he died of blood and fluid loss.

What am I watching?

My weekly shows are Master Chef and Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon is where I find out what is going on in the TV and Movie World and where I learn about current music artists plus, he is very funny.  

I really enjoy watching Master Chef. You have excellent cooks in competition to win while enduring the judgment of Gordan Ramsey and Chef Joe.   I like the third judge Aarón Sánchez; he is the kindest of the bunch, with Gordan second and Chef Joe coming in as the least kind.

I have also been watching America’s Got Talent. Here is my favorite clip, the first time I saw this, I cried, and I just watched it again now, and I cried again.

I attempted to watch Moon Knight on Disney Plus, but I could not get into it even though I liked the actors. I found it confusing, but it appeared the main character was a bit confused, too, so it would make sense that I was confused.  

A new show with two of my favorite actors is called The Old Man. Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow star in this series. It is pretty intense. I think I am going to like it.

Movies I have put on my list to watch are A Man Calle Ove and The Lost City. 

I read a Man Called Ove several years ago. Last week I listened to it on audible, and I loved it even more. I don’t know if the movie can live up to the book, but I thought I would try it.

I saw Daniel Radcliffe interviewed on The Tonight Show. The focus was the movie The Lost City. My daughter saw it and said it was good, and she thought it was funny, so I put that one on my list.

I took maggie to see the new Jurassic World Dominion. We all felt she was too young for this movie, but she insisted, and her mom said to try it. We went with her dad’s military-grade headphones in hand. It started out fine. She had her headphones on and did fine even in the face of mega-sized locusts chasing screaming children and dinosaurs popping up everywhere. Then there was a scene with multiple dino attacks and the main characters physically fighting. She had had enough. She turned to me and said, “Nana can we leave?” I said sure as she settled back in her seat, continuing to watch, so I settled back in too. Then she said with emphasis, “Can We Go Now!?” So we left about halfway into the movie. She was so proud of the fact she made it that far and so was I:-)

That is it for my week of entertainment through books, TV shows, and movies. 

What are you watching, reading, and listening to?

Have a great week!