Divorce Diversion-Let’s Have Some Fun

Here are a few fun blog posts from my lifestyle blog, Kathiey’s World.  Hopefully, this will help you find something to make you smile or something of interest to distract your mind from the pain of divorce.  

To go to the page on Kathiey’s World just click the title after the number below.

1-My Pinterest Plan.  I love Pinterest, and I have been saving posts for years.  The problem was I never did anything with them, so I decided to develop a Pinterest Plan. This is something I started to motivate myself to action.  There will be recipes and other Pinterest Posts to show you and me how to accomplish these goals.

2-A Snickerdoodle Recipe– The Snickerdoodle is my favorite Christmas Cookie.  Check out the link for an easy recipe.

3-5 Ways to Remove a Cork When You Don’t Have a Corkscrew-Here are five of the many ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.  Hopefully, you will always have a corkscrew when you need one.

4-Steak Knives for Christmas.  Which is the Best Brand? My daughter told me her husband wanted steak knives for Christmas.  I searched for affordable steak knives, and here is what I found.

5Six New Book Releases For Dec 2021 That Caught My Eye- I love to read, and each month I try to check out new releases that look interesting.  

Happy Holidays Everyone.  

I hope you can find some positive diversion in these posts.

God Bless!