Divorce Diversion-Just For Fun Summer Journal Prompts

You guys know I love to journal.  Journaling is good for us in many ways. I hope you are journaling.   Here are five journal prompts for Summer to add to your journal question list.  I challenge you to write one and share it with me. I would love to read part of your story.

1-Write a letter to someone no longer living that you want to thank for their role in your life.

2-Write a summer memory of you and your mother and/or father.

3-June is a hot month.  Did you have air conditioning growing up?  If not, how did you survive the heat?  What is your perfect temperature setting in the summer?

4-Are you more of a summer or winter person? 

5-Do you prefer swimming in a lake, a pool, or the ocean?  Describe some of your swimming adventures.

Happy Writing Everyone!