Divorce Diversion-Durham Distillery Durham NC

One of the blogging groups I am a part of decided to go on a Distillery Tour.  Of course, when I found out about it I said “wait for me” and off we went to Durham Distillery in Durham NC.
Being more of a wine girl it will be fun to learn about and taste some of the offerings at the distillery.

Below is a quote from their website
When you walk in there is a lovely bar area where you get your initial tasting before the tour.
After tasting their Cucumber Vodka I was hooked because I love cucumbers.
The “Damn Fine Liqueur” I would agree, yes, they are fine.
We tested these in the kitchen area and they are amazing.
I would love to have a bottle of the Chocolate around the holidays, smooth and delicious!
We did do a Gin tasting after the tour.
There are two different types The American Dry and a stronger version which is called Navy Strength.  They also have canned cocktails.
The canned drinks are Rose Spritz, Cucumber Vodka and Soda, and Gin and Tonic.  These would be perfect to take to the pool on a hot summer day
Our happy group and wonderful tour guide.

Durham Distillery is a great place.  If you like gin, vodka, and “Damn Fine Liqueurs” I suggest you stop by for a tour and tasting.  Here is a link to their site where you will find all the info you need for your visit The Durham Distillery
I did buy a bottle of Cucumber Vodka.  I am not sure what I am going to do with it.  My daughters say it will sit on my wine bar for years.  I think I will mix it with a bit of sparkling water and enjoy a glass tonight:-)