Divorce Diversion-A Bit of Reading and Watching


What Should You Put on First, Sunscreen or Moisturizer?
My guess would be moisturizer.  You have to read the article to see if I guessed correctly.
Sommeliers Pick the Best Wine Glasses for Every Scenario.
I liked the beer glasses.  They are really pretty.
Not Everyone Wants a Hug
I love hugs!
10 Thoughtful Welcoming Touches for Your Guest Bathroom
I would love to do all of these.


17 Guest Bathroom Must Haves
Some great ideas that I need to incorporated into my guest bathroom.
Janice Robinson Discusses Wine Glasses
I like her way of thinking!
Sunscreen Basics
Think Broad Spectrum, 15 or greater SPF and reapplication.

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Happy Reading and Watching Everyone!