Divorce Court. How to Handle Anger, Humming?

I am now years away from the initial pain of an unwanted and unnecessary divorce and can now laugh at video clips like this one.  In the early days I probably could not have watched this video it would have been far too painful.

I know we all deal with pain and anger differently.  Some of our methods of dealing with such trauma are positive and some maybe not so much.  Miss Hick’s attempt to overcome her anger came in the form of humming.  I did not think of that one.  I think humming or singing is a great idea:-)

At the beginning of the nightmare, you are merely trying to survive.  How did I cope with anger and despair in the early days?  Days and weeks of crying, denial, journaling, reaching out to my friends, not eating, exercising, and listening to Christian music.

Legally I dealt with my feelings by seeking the truth through any means possible.  My attorney suggested I hire a private investigator, that I subpoena bank records, phone, and other records. Digital forensic scoured an old computer that I had found.  Learning the truth was painful, but I needed to know.

So how do I deal with these negative emotions today?  Exercise, Zumba, writing, devotional time, praying, just going out, and having fun. I have learned more about the reality of my situation since the day it began. I still want to know the full truth. I want to know it all.

How do you deal with anger or pain associated with divorce or any other life trauma?  I would love to know.  By sharing you may be helping someone else on a similar journey.

God Bless!