Divorce Article “Ten Things Every Woman Going Through An Unwanted Divorce Wants to Hear” by Cafe Mom

I am always on the lookout for an article related to divorce.  I came across this one the other day and it sounded interesting.  There are so many situations in life where someone is going through a rough time and you want to say something that will help them.  Many times there are just no words and a hug will suffice.  Let’s see what Cafe Mom has to say about what every woman going through a divorce wants to hear.


 I am taking myself back to the painful moment that I was completely blindsided and without warning became aware that my Ex was leaving.  Let me think back and see if I agree with her comments on what I would have wanted to hear.
I would say all of her comments were helpful.  “I love you”, “you are not alone”, “you know I have your back”, and all of her other comments were helpful.  The only one I would not agree with was “you are not a bad person” only because I was not a bad person.  I did not cheat and lie.  I did not blame myself.  Was I perfect? No.  But I would have done anything to save the marriage. There is one that I did like that was not on the list.  A friend of mine who attended my church where my Ex was her pastor, she, on a regular basis, would call him a derogatory term (AH). There was something about that that gave me peace.  Vindication I guess.
Great article on some things we can say and act upon if we come across a woman, like many of us, in the process of a devastating and unwanted divorce.
Stay strong you can do this!